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Dead Animal Removal - Issue Reported in San Diego, CA
Reported On: 06/22/2011 @ 05:53 PM PST
Reported By: Anonymous
Address: 4044 Atascadero Dr, San Diego, CA 92107, USA
Latitude: 32.739784
Longitude: -117.235359
Device: Apple iPhone 4
Current Status: Closed
Description: I found a dead skunk last Saturday and called it in to the San Diego dead animal voice mail that evening. I followed up with a call Monday morning talking to a person. I told her I had put the dead skunk on a bag and hung it on a fencepost in the alley behind my house. She thanked me for the call and said it would be picked up within 48 hours. Last night I checked and the bag was still there so this morning I called in again and was told (again!) that it would be picked up within 48 hours. I told her that the 48 hours had already passed. She then said she would send a "reminder". Is there anything you can do to get this removed?? John Novotny 4044 Atascadero Dr San Diego. 92107 619-203-6788
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